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2023 Testimonials

June 2023

“My teeth are straight and aren’t growing weird anymore Very knowledgeable.”-Jamari W.


”Fast and efficient environment. Knowledgeable and efficient.”-Anglea G.


 ”My teeth look way better than before. It was nice.”-Gwen


May 2023

“It was great and I took a little longer than I expected but I blame how messed up my teeth were previously. Besides that, everything was great and I’m happy with how it turned out!.”-A.T.

”Very nice and gentle. Did amazing on my teeth.”-A.P.

Anjelina Patio


”Everything is up to my liking. My experience has been pleasant, fast and safe. You do a great job Dr. Chun, nothing can be done better.”


“The people are nice and a very safe environment. She’s a kind nice person she does a good job.”-Payne L.


“I have had braces for a long time so I am happy with how they came out. Everyone I snice and supportive. Doctor gives good explanations on what is going on.”-I.L.

“My teeth are straight now and I do not see anything I do not like.  It was good. I did not have to be pulled out of school often and the appointments were on dates that works well for our family. She was nice and I do not have anything bad to say.”-Sophia


”Very nice. They are understanding and provide good service.”-Nicole L.

“Very good, staff is very kind and friendly.”-Nathaniel E.


“I have better straight teeth. Dr. Chun is a good doctor.”-A.B.

”My teeth look really good and better than before. Really friendly and always understanding.”-B.R.

”Smile looks much better than before. They fixed my teeth and were professional and knowledgeable along the way with how to fix the if any problems arose.”-Caleb G.


April 2023

”My experience was as expected and as explained at the consultation. It was a very smooth process, and I will continue to recommend Chun Ortho to others. Thanks!”-Namita


”Positive experience. Great service and very personable.”-M.M-S.


”Long but easy process. Very patient and polite.”-M.H.

“Very professional and knowledgeable. Great staff and they make you feel as though your not just a patient. Professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Always asked if I am happy with my teeth.”-Anonymous


“My teeth are straight and perfect and all I want to do is mile.  They are really chill and will do anything to help out and makes sure that you’re comfortable with absolutely everything.”-Jaela B.


”Great results. The progress is all worth it. Thank you!”-J.P.


”Great service. Helped me through my surgery. Awesome Dr. Love the results.”


”It’s been a good experience. No complaints.”-K.A.




”Every appointment we had was good, good customer service, good employees.”-A.A.

”It’s an overall good experience. It is imperative to wear your band diligently so that the process is easier.  Intelligible, nice, listens. Stress how important rubber bands are to the patients.” -A.D.


”I think my teeth looks amazing, It was great! Dr. Chun was great!”-Noah Castro


”Excellent, Knowledgeable, friendly.”-Anonymous


”Everything was just fine. I would describe it as very, very , long and interesting. Dr. Chun is sweet and funny. I just love her.”-Meshay. C

”It was a fun experience and if you need braces you should get them from here.”-Theo H.


March 2023

”Treatment was done to my liking. Dr. Chun is knowledgable on all aspects of orthodontic procedures.”-Delia C.


“Amazing, All is good!”-Herbert Q.


”Very good and knowledgeable staff. Good”-A.C.

”Real caring and nice people that do life changing stuff. Real nice and caring and takes her job very seriously. like she should. Very blunt but nice in a nice way. L.O.L. so caring also.-Ulisses Z.

”It went smooth, willing to work with you.”-A.T.


“Good and straight to the point!”-J.E.

”Best experience you’ll ever get from an orthodontist.  They will take good care of your. Dr. Chun is the best ortho and will for sure take good care of you. She knows what she’s doing and will give you the best results.”-R.U.

”It’s been a great experience. Friendly dental assistants always make you feel welcome. Very professional an explains everything she’s about to do in a easy way for you to understand.-P.T.


“Even though it took a long time, I’m happy with how my teeth turned out.-R.R.

”Nice people and really friendly. I really enjoy coming.- Karen Lopez

February 2023

“Very good experience, always had a good time, was a great environment.  Very helpful and always positive!”-IT.

”I would describe my experience as very good and they take into account all your worries.  She’s amazing and does so much quickly and efficiently”-Anonymous


It was a very satisfying experience with helpful assistants and doctor who are attentive to heir procedures.” Angel R.


”Everyone was pretty nice and understanding about the pain I would be in when they would adjust my braces. Dr. Chun seems very nice and she listens to whatever little issue I may have had.”-D.B.

”Great Service. Great orthodontics, would recommend. Great doctor.”-anonymous


“They are very patient and are willing to give  multiple solutions.”-N.H.

”Looks so much better than I ever could have imagined. It was great! Everyone was very helpful throughout the long experience. Great dentist, great person, very professional.”-Stevie J


January 2023

“More than pleased. I love them! Great customer service, fun team. Dr. Chun is  a kind warm lady with lots of patience: T..B


”Super quick and easy, super knowledgeable.”-J.D.

”Lovely environment, professional staff. Kind good disposition.”-JF

“My teeth were pretty worrying at first, but the braces made them more straight. The staff are really nice. Not to mention they always as how my day is going.”-A.M.

”It was a long process but was worth it in the end. She was nice and told me exactly what I needed done.”-Ryder


“I came in with no knowledge about braces. I simply knew I had crooked teeth. The staff here was incredibly kind. Always willing to help whenever I had questions. Dr. Chun was incredibly knowledgeable. Any questions I had she always had an answer. All my concerns through out the brace journey were at ease with her help.”-Nat


”Easy, Friendly and efficient. Dr. Chun is pleasant and knowledgeable” - Brea V.




“Fixed my teeth since the 6th grade. Nice people and very helpful. Great lady and helped me with my teeth a lot.”-Shaun L.


“I do like them, just a little sad because I didn’t want them off. I feel like I look different I would say it’s a good orthodontist to come to because they take sure you are happy with result and everyone is sweet, Dr. Chun is very serious about their job because she want you to be happy with your results Also she has a nice personality and is sweet to all the patients.”-“Netta”