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ABO Certification

American Board of Orthodontics

abo-logo.jpgFounded in 1929, the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) is the oldest and most prestigious specialty board in all of dentistry. The American Board of Orthodontics strives to elevate the standards of orthodontic practice and to protect the public against irresponsible and unqualified orthodontic practitioners.

The Four Primary Objectives of the ABO

  1. Evaluate the knowledge and clinical skills of graduates of accredited orthodontic programs
  2. Re-evaluate clinical knowledge and skills through recertification exams
  3. Support the development of quality graduate, postgraduate and continuing education programs
  4. Promote and encourage certification expertise


Becoming a Board Certified Orthodontist

All orthodontists are not board certified! To become board certified, an orthodontist has to pass a comprehensive and rigorous series of written and clinical examinations, as well as a complete review of their credentials. The initial process of becoming a board certified orthodontist can take anywhere from five to ten years. Once certified, the orthodontist must pass re-certification every ten years to maintain board certified status. Dr. Chun is the only Board Certified Orthodontists in this area. 

Why Choose a Board Certified Orthodontist?

A board certified orthodontist has voluntarily been examined by his/her peers and had his/her merit judged on his/her knowledge and clinical skills. Becoming board certified signifies the orthodontist's pursuit of continued proficiency and excellence in the always advancing field of orthodontics.