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2019 Testimonials

December 2019

“Efficient and professional! She’s super nice, remembers every patient and what’s going on in their lives to provide a comforting visit.”-Mikhaela Compuesto


“Awesome! Always caring and helpful. Very nice doctor! Does a great job making the experience comfortable.- Anonymous


“The ortho techs were all pleasant and friendly. Dr. Chun is very friendly and welcoming as well. She’s very knowledgeable and wiling to thoroughly explain things to patients. Sue was very friendly and warm and explains treatment options thoroughly. Dr. Chun is knowledgeable and friendly. She does the best she can to ensure patients receive the best treatment they deserve.” Meredith


“The person who handles me is very good. Her name is Iris. She is very professional and passionate on what she does. She is patient, funny and I really enjoyed talking to her. She listens and cares. The rest of the staff is friendly too. For me everything is perfect. Everybody is very professional especially Dr. Chun and Iris. She is truly patient and fun. I’m going to miss you all. Thank you so much for everything. Dr. Chun is kind and approachable. Very professional. She listens and understands well and she makes sure that her patients are happy with the result. She’s very dedicated to her job and she truly likes their patients”- J.D.


“Awesome! Very nice and fun.”-Jeff Spicoli


“I would say my orthodontic experience here was amazing. Everyone knows what they’re doing and are very kind. Dr. Chun is very knowledgeable in her profession and it is evident she loves her job. She is very nice.”-Carolina

“It was a great experience, the staff was kind and everything explained to me was thorough. Keep doing what you’re doing.”-Busy Bee


“I would describe it as a great friendly orthodontic office that makes you their priority. I honestly think Dr. Chun is great at her job and really cares about what you think, and the people around her.”-N.P.

“Good and fun”-Anonymous


“My experience was pleasant, painless and timely. Thank you for providing excellent service and post treatment plan.” D. Rogers


“My teeth look very straight and they are evenly filed. The process was long but I got the results I wanted and the people are very kind. She’s very nice and always asks what I want to change about my teeth.”-Ashylnn Thompson


November 2019

“I can see the improvement of my teeth, and most of all my concerns were fixed. My experience was good there and nothing that I would change. Everything was nice and the people were too. She was very nice as well her treatment. It was overall a nice experience with her.”-S.C.


“Really fun, everyone is so caring. You do great! Keep it up!”-X. Espinoza


“Outstanding service. April is amazing. We recommend to anyone who asks for a great ortho. Very pleased with your results you prevented getting 4 teeth pulled and with a lot of appointments. Cody’s teeth look amazing, can’t thank you and April enough! Worth every penny spent!”—Cody


“It was a good experience, choosing this place over all of the other places. It was a fun experience getting braces and straightening my teeth.”-Bruce Bande


“Easy, smooth, enjoyable, helpful! Very helpful and informative. Kind.”-Priya K.


“They’re really nice and fun! They’re very considerate with their customers! I enjoyed my experience! Thank you so much!-A. Coronado

“Very positive-feel good knowing my son will be coming son. Awesome employees-Thank you”-Stacie


“They have good service, nice people. Nice person.”-Isaa. L.


“Buchanna|Chun has great dental assistants and good customer service that always makes sure you are taken care of Dr. Chun was very kind and helpful throughout the whole orthodontic experience, and I feel like she strived to get the best results possible”-Kira D.

“I experience was great. They were very welcoming. Thank you for helping me get my teeth straight.”-Imani R.”


“MY TEETH LOOK GREAT!!!  Everyone is super friendly, fast, efficient, and all around great!:) You’re doing fantastic hon! Keep up the great work!-“Aidt”


“Friendly, fun professional, easy going. Kind caring, understanding, professional, easy going, fantastic>”-Anonymous


“It was a great environment and great results. Very good with your work!”-C.Webster

“They are the best. She is really good at what she does.”-Leslie R.

“Great experience and always friendly. Dr. Chun is to the point and knowledgeable and awesome!”-Shaana



They are nice to you and give you what you want for your teeth. Dr. Chun always asked if there was anything to improve.”-K.Prieto


“I really like it here. The people are nice and I love the way my teeth came out. Thank you so much! I had a great experience here and love my result of my teeth.”-A.B.

“My overall experience has been a roller coaster but very nice. I’d say I wouldn’t be able to get the same experience form any other ortho. Dr. Chun was so positive throughout my whole process of having braces. In addition, she was also very informational when I didn’t know what to do overall. Just an amazing orthodontists.

‘It was a very pleasing experience over my time here. Great experience never has been a problem.”-Memphis


“I am very pleased with the ending result. My orthodontic experience was very long but it paid off and it looks great. Thank you to Dr. Chun and her team. Dr. Chun is very helpful and knows what is best for your teeth.”-N.C.

October 2019

“Very nice personnel. Really Thankful!”-Anonymous


“Great service, wonderful environment to get dental service in. she’s a great orthodontist.”-K.Hyde

“All Good! Good job.”-J.D.


“Everyone is friendly. Professional, Friendly.”-D.V.


“I’ve really noticed the difference in my teeth. I think they’re great at what they do. You’re great at what you do!”-Ryan W.


“I like how my teeth look. It was good. Everyone was good and on top of it. Dr. Chun doesn’t really sugar coat things, she tells you the truth.”-Xander E.


”I’m always satisfied when I come here. My first experience with braces was horrible until I came here. It makes me want to keep my braces forever. L.O.L. But I am more than satisfied. Dr. Chun is very nice and straight to the business. Very fun person and during my visits, makes me feel comfortable and welcomed.”-Marlea


“My teeth are lined up and in shape. I would say how many friendly people work there and how great the service is. She is a super friendly doctor who cares for all of her patients.”-Bryce C.


“Fantastic! I loved all the staff. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Dr. Chun! She always listened to my concerns and worked with me!”-Michelle G.


“Pleasant and warm experience! The staff, assistants, and Doctor Chun are very personable and well composed. Thank you for your hard work and patience I’m grateful for your professionalism and human approach to your practice.”-T.P.


“It was very easy and everything was planned well. Very god at letting me know what was going on and what was happening.”-Sienna Arakawa


“My experience was really great and everyone seems really friendly. Thank you for your efforts. You did a great job!! Thank you so much!!! -Camille


“My teeth are perfect and straight and I can fully show that. Out of 10, it’s a 10. They take you in from the beginning like you have known them for a long time. Dr .Chun is a ery nice person, god soul, has a lot of knowledge!”-Dushant


“Helpful, kind, welcomed with a smile, knew what they were/is doing. Dr. Chun is kind efficient and always a step forward with every visit.”-Christian Bactad.


“The workers are very friendly and professional; they explain things very clearly and concisely. Dr. Chun is very professional and very careful in her work. She made me feel comfortable and let me know exactly what they would be doing on my teeth.”-Anonymous


“It was very good and they helped me get my braces off in a timely manner and I went off to college. Thanks for my smile! I love it!”-Savanna


”I’m grateful for how my teeth turned put! On time with every appointment, they are respectful, understanding, and they take you into consideration. Dr. Chun is amazing!!! She always has a positive thing to say.-“-L.G.

“It was successful and the staffs are nice. She is very knowledgeable and does a great job.” Anonymous


”Everything was perfect. Positive and comforting atmosphere. Dr. Chun was always involved and helpful.”-Joe


“Very professional and clean office. Make you feel at ease. Assistants were kind and nice. Dr. Chun is very professional, knowledgeable and when I asked questions. She gave me answers and reason behind her recommendations.“-Andrea Villada


“I’M MORE CONFIDENT SMILENG AND TALKING :) Yayee! Office Staff are all professional, kind and caring and gentle. Excellent service form 1st consultation, to treatments to front office and billing department.” Mrs. Faga


September 2019

“Very good customer service. Very satisfied with the results.”-E.Law


“They have a very inviting environment. Great customer service! Gentle handed dental assistants. Thank you so much for my beautiful smile and I am thankful for your wonderful team. Ben/VJO will recommend to everyone. LOL “-D.L.


“Excellent service! Doctors, dental assistants and receptionist were approachable. Dr. Chun provides excellent service. She listens to patient concerns.”-Kevin B.


“Really good experience. They did a great job.”-Mathew Featherstone


August 2019

“You’re the best!”-S.D.

”I had a good experience with braces.”-Madison S.


”Very positive! Great staff. Dr. Chun is very knowledgeable. She is very kind and has great customer service, skills, we loved our experience here.”-Nicole Combs


Great, friendly, efficient, knowledgeable!”-SH

”Staff is very welcoming and well-experienced. They seem very reliable. Dr. Chun was very patient and great at listening to questions and answering with explanations on procedures when asked.”-C. M.

”Great! Friendly atmosphere and you can tell the personnel are well trained. So Sweet! I always love seeing her when I come for appointments because you can tell she really cares about her patients.”-C.R.

“It was a good experience even though it hurt and it made my mouth sore. She is very nice and a good doctor. Thank you!”

”Teeth look good. I felt very welcome by the staff .Easy to talk to and explained well.”-Anonymous


“My teeth look much straighter than before as well as my big problem with biting my cheeks are gone. It was easy I never waited too long when I came in again and again because I broke a bracket off. Dr. Chun was nice, it was a pleasant experience whenever she worked on my teeth.”-Jessica K.


“They are nice and they have a good environment. She’s very nice and a very good doctor.”-Anonymous


“It was an excellent experience and I am pleased with my results. Dr. Chun is very kind and knowledgeable I liked that she continued adjustments until she was pleased too-she is passionate about each patient.”-Anonymous


“My teeth look great! They are straight like I wanted. Pretty good, they fix the things that are bothering you. She is nice and always tries to do what’s best for you.”-Kaityn S.


“It’s a pleasant experience where the orthodontists take care of your teeth in a timely manner. Dr. Chun is a nice person.”

“I haven’t’ had braces before but I got mine here and they did the job. Thank you for helping me with my teeth! It definitely feels like and adventure getting braces.”-Jeff


July 2019

“Fantastic! Thank you. Very nice when I wouldn’t wear my bands.”-N, Keller

“Great been there twice with good results. Knowledgeable and great staff and service.”-Elise W.


“Everything looks as nice as I had initially hoped. Easy, very straight forward, helpful and comfortable. She’s friendly and doesn’t make the experience uncomfortable, as other doctors most likely would.”-J. Wong

Space was created for a future implant


“The doctor/assistants were really nice. They also have a lot of contests that patients can participate in.”-A.M.


“Great! Keep it up!”-Lia S.

“Everything meets my expectations. The best! I just want to thank her for an excellent job she’s done on my teeth.”-

“Very friendly atmosphere! Continue the positivity,”-T.C.

“I like how my teeth feel and look. They were really calm and confident when working with my teeth. She was very professional and made my teeth look great!”-N.B.P.


June 2019

“Staff is knowledgeable and responsive. Dr. Chun is knowledgeable, caring and patient.”-Morgan C.

“I thought it was perfect! My teeth look so much better than they did at the beginning. It’s a place full of friendly staff and who are experienced and very helpful. Dr. Chun is so nice! And knows what she is doing.”-A.W.


”It took way longer to get my braces off than expected but the wait was worth it. You (Dr. Chun) were super nice and very gentle with my mouth. Thanks you. And you were encouraging whenever I got disappointing news.”-Patient x


“Lengthy however, end results were exceptional. Knowledgeable and friendly, listens to your wants/needs.’-May


“Great job moving his teeth down. She made room for new teeth without pulling adult teeth.”-BH.

“It was long but it was worth it. She is a great doctor and the best orthodontist in the world to me.”-Anonymous


“Great! Results better them imagined. Best ever!”-Jeff D.

“My orthodontic experience at Buchanan |Chun Orthodontic s was great and I recommend to get braces there. Thanks you for everything. Thank you for working on my braces for these past years. I am really thankful for the result and I hope my little sister has the same results when she gets her braces.”-Niko G.


“Very quick, explained direction of care thoroughly. Dr Chun is very nice and is a great orthodontists, very knowledgeable.”-R.V.


“I would describe it as saying that I am pleased and recommend them. Very helpful and made braces easier than I thought it would be.”-Anonymous

May 2019

“I loved it all. The staffs were really nice and help me get good teeth. Thank you! She is the best orthodontist and knows well what she is doing. Thank you Doctor Chun-“Anonymous


”love my smile. Everyone made me feel comfortable and I’m happy with my results. Dr. Chun was great, very friendly, I like how she remembers her patients”.-J.C.

“Because my teeth are now straight there weren’t problems for me. I had a great experience at Buchanan |Chun because the workers here and the orthodontist are very nice and they work hard everyday. The workers are also friendly. Dr. Chun is really nice Dr. She is a very caring and makes my mornings . She always has a smile on her face.

There has not one day I have seen her upset. I enjoy the conversations we have. “Anonymous


“A cohesive group of professionals. Friendly, knowledgeable doctor.”T. Johnson

“Very good, little to no problems. Thank you for taking care of my teeth.”P.W.


“My teeth look great!! Always a pleasant experience! Dr. Chun is awesome.”Anonymous


“They were nice and explained the process. Dr. Chun was nice, friendly, and really informative on the info of my braces.”-Malia


“Very long but worthwhile and fun. Dr. Chun is a very sweet, fun person to talk with and be around.”-Gabriella


“Thank you for helping me have straight teeth.”-


“Everyone is so friendly and Dr. Chun fixed my teeth well! Dr. Chun was also very friendly and approachable.”-Kyle


“Great, wonderful environment I am very pleased.”-Ebrahim Jacob


“They worked really hard to make my teeth nice and I appreciate it so much. Everyone is so nice here I love it. I feel a part of something bigger than just an orthodontic office, kind of like family. Dr. Chun is awesome. I love her and thank her so much for fixing my teeth.”-Nani


“My gap has closed and other problems I did not originally notice with my teeth are fixed. I had a wonderful experience at Buchanan | Chun Orthodontics. They were kind, friendly and took care of my teeth. I also enjoyed the environment. Thank you so much Dr. Chun! My experience with you and your team has been nothing but positive! I am so glad my teeth are now straight and I don’t need to feel self-conscious about them.”-


“Great experience! I love the staff. Dr. Chun, you are great always explained reasoning behind every step taken.”-E. Herrera

“I was slightly unsure about it since my teeth did not want to cooperate. However, they turned out and feel great.” Kind, very considerate, knowledgeable, and gentle with teeth.

“One of my favorite things about what Dr. Chun does is she listens and continues to work with teeth even if it is past the two years if you are not satisfied.”


“Pleasant experience, took a little longer than expected but results were worth it. She is a very kind orthodontist who is attentive to patient’s concerns.”-P. Capares

April 2019

”Because my teeth are now straight there wasn’t problems for me. I had a great experience at Buchanan |Chun because the workers here and the orthodontist are very nice and they work hard everyday. The workers are also friendly. Dr. Chun is really nice Dr. She is a very caring and makes my mornings. She always has a smile on her face. There has not one day I have seen her upset. I enjoy the conversations we have.” -Anonymous

Patient Teeth

“A very safe environment and the doctor along with the assistants are all friendly. She’s very caring and really gives good feedback on what to do in order to have nice teeth. Also, having good accountability” -Mark Mijares

Patient Teeth

“BESTEST EVER!! Everyone is super kind and works with me very well. Even though all the struggle you pushed through. Thank you for the work you have done. Things are getting better.” -Jessica

Patient Picture Patient Picture

“It has been pleasant. I have enjoyed working with Dr. Chun she is always available to answer questions and problem solve.” -Meghan B.

“Friendly doctor and staff. We’re pleased with the results! Such a significant difference. Thank you for everything. Brooke is really happy"

Patient Teeth

“Very clean and sleek lookin’ good. She is a very lovely lady, very nice and fun to talk to.” -Flip

patient Picture
patient Teeth

“My teeth are straight. A great orthodontist to go to. Very nice and helpful! She knows what she is doing.” -Kai

Patient Picture
Patient teeth

“My teeth have made much progress from 2 ½ years ago. I would say it has been really fun and enjoyable. Dr. Chun was great. She knew exactly what my teeth needed to become how they are now.” -Keira S.

Patient Picture
Patient Teeth

“Perfecto! Very informative. Great Orthodontist. She’ great, they all are.” -A. Rehm

Patient Picture
Patient Teeth

“Helped my teeth become straight. Great experience! Thank You!” -D.L.

Patient Picture
Patient Teeth

“No error visible, teeth are in perfect condition and straight. A fun and professional place with the friendly staff.” -Anonymous

Patient Teeth

“My teeth look better. Chill. A nice person” -Lord Farquad of O.F.

“I am happy with my results because I’m now comfortable with my smile. I would say it’s a place with nice and good working people who have your best interest in mind. She is a nice and professional doctor.” -Anonymous

“Good and worth the wait. I am very happy how my teeth came out.” Y.S.


Very good. She is great.” -N. L.

“Everyone here is amazing! I can’t think of anything that needs improvement. Dr. Chun and her team are amazing. Dr. Chun is very knowledgeable and fun and has a great sense of humor. She fixed my teeth and everything looks amazing!” -V.C.


“She makes everything clear and understandable.” -T.B.

“It was a long time coming here but overall it was good but there was some appointment I got mad, irritated or hurt but they were nice. Dr. Chun is amazing. She understands what I was feeling when was in pain and she did everything to make me feel comfortable.” -Mallorie F.


“I had a great time with my braces. The workers are really nice. I would recommend to family and friends. Dr. Chun is really nice. She asked how I felt about my braces and if I had any concern with it.” -Kristofer R.

Yes, they look great! Great service and great team!! Dr. Chun is super sweet!


March 2019

“My teeth are very straight, just as I imagined. They are very nice, well kept, best customer service. Knowledgeable ad well trained.” -Khai

Patient Teeth

“Strait teeth, removal of braces was not painful and overbite is gone. Highly recommend, staff remember you and your previous conversations, makes it feel more personal, quick and well done work. Dr. Chun is a great doctor, fun to talk to and good at her work. Quick and accurate with it.” -A.J.

Patient Teeth

“My experience was very good, all the staff are kind and knowledgeable. Dr. Chun is amazing, she is very kind and makes sure your teeth are top notch.” -Cristian B.

“I’m pleased with the outcome. I appreciate the fact that she is patient with me.” -Karina M.

“Good!” -Maddie

Patient Picture Patient Picture
Patient Teeth

“Friends should start coming here because everyone is really nice and respectful. Thank you for everything you did for me!” -Anonymous

Patient Teeth Patient Teeth

“I feel more confident in my newly straight teeth! It was fun and long but worth it! Dr. Chun is so wise and friendly. Thank you so much for helping my teeth! You did great!” -Olivia R.

Patient Teeth

“My Teeth are healthy and I received great care. Never a bad appointment day. Everyone is nice and friendly. Thank you for all the service and hard work to fix my teeth, and for a smooth time with braces.” -Samir Jacob

“Good! Nothing wrong!” -Andrei Go

Patient Teeth

February 2019

“Painful but worth it in the end. Good experience.” -Hana J.

“Best place in town! Dr. Chun is great always kind and helpful. Appreciate all the accommodations kid’s area, coffee, video games and fun contests at the front counter.” -A. Smith

Patient Picture
Patient Teeth

“It was awesome! I loved the customer experience they provided. They are very friendly. Dr. Chun did an incredible job! I am so happy I got my braces with her. Now I have a great smile. Thanks to her! I would really recommend her for the amazing job that she does.” -Elena

Patient Teeth

“Very professional and fun, it never felt like coming in was a chore. The best!! Really cares about her patients!” -Travis E. Jr.

Patient Picture
Patient Teeth

January 2019

“It was painful and long but appreciated. Just fine.” -Anonymous

Patient Teeth

“A very positive experience. Appointments were fast and easy with April. Dr. Chun is gentle and has great staff.” -Grace

Patient Teeth

“They are very understanding and gentle. They go the extra mile for a great smile. Dr. Chun is very smart and friendly. I am always comfortable with putting my teeth in her hands.” -Anonymous

Patient Teeth Patient Teeth

“Yes I am pleased. It’s cool that I had braces. Thanks you for my braces. It was cool and also I liked how I can get gift cards with orthobucks.” -Ivan P

Patient Picture Patient Picture
Patient Teeth

“I loved it. You did a great job on my teeth girl. Yasssss.” -B. Anderson

Patient Teeth

“I was very happy with how I was treated here. Something very worth doing and going to. The people here will definitely take care of you. Dr. Chun is very kind. I’m glad my teeth were in her hands. She gave me the feedback and motivation to keep going with my braces.” -Calvin Alejandrino

Patient Picture Patient Picture
Patient Teeth

“Everyone was friendly and caring and waned to make sure that ortho turned out perfectly! Dr. Chun was very caring and easy to talk to. You can tell she car about each of her patients.” -M.M.

Patient Picture
Patient Teeth

“It feels different but overall I can’t stop smiling. It was actually very interesting to go through the process and such. It’s fun here.” -J.D.

Patient Teeth

“Good wait time. She is very helpful and works around my schedule."

Patient Teeth

“It was a welcoming and friendly atmosphere each time I came from an appointment. She was very knowledgeable and let me know what was going to happen with my treatment process each appointment“ -Francesca M.

Patient Teeth

“Results are satisfying and the environment is welcoming. Very nice and friendly” -Brody W.

Patient Picture 
Patient Teeth

“Wonderful experience. Dr. Chun is very knowledgeable.” -B.T.

Patient Picture 
patient Teeth

“I would describe my experience at Buchanan | Chun exciting and worth the wait. Good service, fund environment, and I would recommend it to my friends and family,” -J.J.

Patient Picture Patient Picture
Patient Teeth

“Very Satisfied. Very friendly environment!”-Emily R

patient picture
Patient Teeth

“Dr. Chun was nice. All of the staff was kind and respectful.” -I.O.

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Patient Teeth