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2022 Testimonials

December 2022

“The schedule I set up with Dr. Chun for my braces removal went according to plan. For the most part, very informative, especially on what o do after and appointment. Very informative, open to discussion/problems wanting to be talked about. Open to how the patient feels.”-Jordan G.

“A useful experience. Very nice and gentle>”-H.P.

“Great place, great service and very pleased with results. Thank you Dr. Chun. We are very happy with results.”-Anonymous


”Very good. I had fun with everyone.”-Sam Trites

November 2022

”My teeth look straight. I really liked my experience because they know what they are doing and help a lot, Dr. Chun has been so kind and she really knows what she’s doing.”-S.C.

“Everyone is very accommodating and nice. She pays a lot of attention to details”-Sara A.

”Very patient and easy to understand. Very kind lady!-Anonymous”

“Long but worth it! Thank you!”-Karen

“It was great no complaints! Overall a very positive pexperience, everyone here is very kind. You’re great at your job, thank you!”-Anonymous

“Good experience. Knowledgeable, good and well trained.”-Anonymous

“My orthodontic experience was the best and comforting. I like Dr Chun is is very careful and patient.”-Lorenzo Adamson

October 2022

“Very good it’s close to where I live, very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Dr Chun is verry good, though I haven’t interacted with her much. She’s very experienced at managing her business and doing orthodontic work.”- “K”

“I notice a big difference and my teeth look a lot better. It was good but super logn time. Dr. Chun is very knowledgeable and wants the best for your teeth.”-Nate

“Awesome! Patient and very knowledgeable!”-M. Foster

”It was a good overall experience. Everybody is very supportive.”-D.S.

“Had crowded (slightly) teeth that were crossing into each other, with braces it was fixed. Although the braces themselves were tedious and painful at time, the service at B/C O was amazing. Thank you so much for all the treatments.”-Anonymous

“Friendly environment and listens to concerns.”-Sam

September 2022

“It’s not as difficult as everyone tells you braces are. Going to appointments aren’t that bad. Dr Chun is very knowledgeable and knows what she’s talking about.”-M.G.

“I love what I see, and I love how nice the staff are! Very pleasing overall and respectful. Very nice and understanding.”-Anonymous.

”Long but very worth it. Honestly I am happy with he expertise, I do’t think anything needed to be changed.”-C.F.

“It’s been pretty relaxed, and I feel like tings get doen when they could be. She is very helpful. “-V.

“I’d say it was a smooth and easy experience.”-T.B

”My experience was very good . Told me everything I need to know. Keep up the great work.”

” Fantastic, She is a great and caring dentist.”

” Pleased with results, the fact that they fixed everything I felt needed fixing no matter how many times we had to go back to adjust. A great place to seek treatment for braces, works with your schedule. They are friendly knowledgeable and your concerns matter. Appreciate Dr. Chun’s patience, concern for your happiness with results and her perfectionism. Also for being super nice and always asking how you feel about process.”-K.A.

August 2022

“Very simple and easy.”-Mathew

July 2022

My experience was very cool; I was always aware of where I was in my treatment. Dr. Chun was great during y ortho experience, she was very clear and easy to understand when explaining where my treatment was going.”-JB

June 2022

“Our orthodontic wxperience was as good if not better than expected. Thank you!”-Anonymous

“Original problem corrected. Dr. Cun worked with me over multiple iterations to ensure it was fixed right and that I was happy. I was not pressured to be done. Bite looks good.”-Chris

April 2022

“My teeth teeth look so much better than 3 years ago. Thanks so much! I ‘ve had a pretty goo experience. Good job. Thanks for my straight teeth.”—Anonymous


”Overall experience was wonderful, staff is always friendly and professional. Dr. Chun always very knowledgeable and approaching her always pleasant experience she was attentive with all of my concerns.”-Anonymous


“Positive and comfortable, well organized, Thank you for taking your time and I appreciate your attention to detail.”-A. Geringer

Yes because I have waited years and it was worth the wait. Really enjoyable. Very nice and knows what she is doing”-S.J.

“Very professional and very well organized. Dr. Chun is great!”-D.B.

”I couldn’t’ have asked for a better outcome. very professional, good at what why do! Dr. Chun was a great doctor very like her style of work and how professional she is.”-DRE andre Julian

”It was a good experience. Content with the results and staff are all amazing people. She is great.. I like her work and she, in general, is amazing.”-Anonymous

”Easy, well treated, Great service no compliants!”-

”Everything was quick and easy. All of the staff her is really nice, keep ut the good work!”-Anonymous

”It was good. Dr. Chun is knowledgeable and attends to her patients concerns.”-Anonymous

March 2022

“I have been here for a long time and have never had anything bad happen. An amazing doctor that I’ve known since I was little>”-Connor L

”It was comforting and had a very safe feeling environment. Very professional too. I really liked Dr. Chun. She was nice and made sure I liked my results and quickly addressed any concerns.”-C.T.

”Good ortho that everyone in my family has went to and everyone has great results. Dr. Chun is very nice and a patient person, always had problems with my braces but she was very patient and helped me a lot.” D.H.

”Felt lika adreak because it looks good. Just do the

same thing! R.T

”Great job, thanks for everything!”-Aidan H.


”One of the best orthodontist I probably ever hear of and been to. She is kind, sweet and gentle and easy to understand.”-Anonymous

Amanda sims

”Everything looks perfect. I like the results. My experience was Chun orthodontics was good, I really liked it. It went fast. Dr. Chun is a greatdctor very considerate and works pretty fast.”-J.D.

“All staff members at Chun Orthodontic were helpful, and knowledgeable about their craft. Teeth look nice and straight very pleased. Very positive dental assistants along with others. Employees are respectful, understanding and knowledgeable. Dr. Chun was very helpful and knowledgeable. I am pleased to have you as the one overseeing my orthodontic treatment. -R.R.

”I liked how they checked on me every so often if something was bothering or hurting. Dr. Chun is an amazing human being! She is a great help and she has gotten me to where I am today with my braces!-Sarah

”My teeth are in better shape than before, though it took some time. Good customer service and dental assistants, Good job at giving people great smiles!.” A. Garcia

February 2022

“Appointments are fast and teeth showed improvement quickly.” S.T.

“Long but Dr. Chun was good.” K.S.

“I had a good experience, got the smile I wanted!! Dr. Chun and personnel met my expectations on providing me the best smile in all ways.”-J.O.

“Teeth are all aligned with each other. It was good and easy place to come to. Great advisor always filled me in on anything I asked.”-D Perez

January 2022


“I am very happy with how far my teeth have come. Easy, chill environment for patients. Does not feel like a “serious doctor/dental appointment.” Dr. Chun is understanding and easy going character talking to her feels like talking to a friend.”-A.

December 2021

“I love my teeth than how it was 2 years ago. It’s a good and friendly environment to be in. My main dental assistants took great care of me. Yay! I get my braces off! My braces have been with me since middle school and up until now you’ve always taken great care of me.”-H.C.

”Great, fun environment. Thank you for all your help.”-Sylvia

”Easy and friendly environment. Great job!!”-H. Jones

“Enjoyable for what it is. Thank you!”-R.R.

”Overall, it was a great experience. I appreciate dr. Chun’s commitment to an excellent outcome on my son’s teeth. Thank you.”-Kui

”Would recommend Chun Orthodontics for customer service and fun environment.”-M.C.

November 2021

“The experience was all good. Very pleasant. Her and the staff are very professional and personable. I especially liked how she had two locations for convenience.”-Justin F.

” Perfect service. It was amazing and great environment.”-N.B.

October 2021

“You guys are wonderful; you don’t need to change anything. My teeth are way better than before. Kind, loving and friendly. Thank you so much for making my teeth look 10 times better compared to before.”-A.U.

”Great customer service, on time, and flexible. Perfect locations. They are very friendly and knowledgeable, with excellent service. Very friendly and efficient. Gets the job done.”-N.M.

”There is nothing they need to improve. All the employees are great and have awesome customer service. I had a great experience at Chun Orthodontics. They make you feel at home and is always thorough. Dr. Chun is a great doctor, and I will most definitely recommend to all my friends and family.”-L.C.

A collage of teeth

September 2021

“Great experience! Very professional.”-D.Q.

”It honestly was a fun experience getting braces and just going to appointments for new rubber bands. She excellent and helped me get my teeth straight, so I would for sure recommend people who are in the need of braces to her.”-Kari

A collage of a person and person

“My teeth look better than they did before. It was Ok. My teeth look good, but it took way too long. Dr. Chun is very nice and know what she is doing.”-C.I.

“My experience was top notch. I don’t see how t hey could improve. Amazing staff and care. Dr. Chun was perfect.”-Anonymous

”My overall experience was amazing. I would recommend to anyone looking for braces. Thank you 🙂. My teeth look amazing. I’m feeling more confident. At Chun’s they were helpful and friendly. Very professional and know what they’re doing. Dr. Chun is a sweet persona and very good at what she does. Thank you, Dr. Chun.”-Felicia L.

”Closed gap and fixed my overbite! Smooth and detail oriented. Thank you so much for going through this process! I’m very happy with the results.”-Jason S.

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”I would say that I was a relaxing environment, with friendly employees. Dr. Chun was very helpful and gentle when working in my mouth.”-Anonymous

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August 2021

“Very friendly, yet professional. Very good at what she does. Spotted the problem with my teeth and came up with the solution. Right away.”-M.B.

Close-up of teeth and tongue

”The absolute best three years of my life. April and Dr. Chun are excellent, always professional and on time, prepared and ready to work. Great personalities and made me feel at ease from day one. I love this group! I’m slapping this. Keeping doing all the great thing you already do. The best experience yet. The group of women are awesome. April is awesome. Dr. Chun is always helpful she wrote a plan a plan for a very complicated situation that that wasn’t that easy She was present from beginning to end. Tweaking what she saw fit and needed correction. The outcome is fantastic. I’m extremely grateful.”-ROC

A picture containing person, person, posing, indoor

”Dr. Chun Is very knowledgeable and helpful. All assistants have been wonderful. Dr. Chun is very nice, knowledgeable and helpful.”-Anonymous

”Everything was great. Pretty easy on everything. Thank you for accommodating us, since we are leaving.”

“Great. Thank you!”

A collage of teeth

“I feel good, and they are finally off. Basically amazing, good place overall. Dr. Chun is good, understanding and helpful.”-S.

”My teeth are straight with no overbite so when I smile it look pretty! Everyone was kind and welcoming She did great and would definitely recommend Dr. Chun to others.”-A.C.

“My teeth are straight. Thank you for creating a fun learning experience.”-A.B.

”Would recommend. Value of fee for service. Pleased with results seen.”-K baby

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July 2021

”It was long but well worth process. She is very nice and a great doctor.”-Angela Elmore

A collage of a person

100% pleased. Dr. Chun very friendly, accommodating, pleasant atmosphere, Christine is a very nice person.”-M.D.

”One of the best and most accommodating experiences I’ve had. Thank you for all the great work, you were always friendly and accommodating.”-B.P.

A collage of teeth

”Great service and always on tie. Very helpful and friendly.”-J.D.

A collage of a person smiling

”It was good.”-Anonymous

”Smooth. Great Doctor!”-Anonymous

”Excellent care and provides amazing results. Dr. Chun and staff will work with you to ensure best results and satisfaction.”-Patient A.

”I had them on for sooo long, but it was worth the wait. I enjoyed seeing everyone’s smiles and it was such a great environment.” I enjoyed seeing everyone’s smiles and it was such a great environment. She was amazing! Put up with me for 4 years! She is always in a good mood and ask how you are doing!”-Aalana W.

June 2021

”I had a good time during my visits and the staff are very ice. Thank you for helping me straighten my teeth.”-M.B.

“I have had a great experience. Everybody has been nice and friendly. Also, I like the Orhtbucs system. I think Dr. Chun is really nice and pleasant. My family and I have not had any problems.”-Anonymous

”Everything was fine, friendly people, no complaints. The only complaint from me is that Mondays are closed. Other than that, all good.”-Z.V.

”Although it’s very surreal to see the braces finally off my teeth, my mouth feels much lighter and I’m overall happy with the results! The people are very kind and patient if things go wrong, they make sure to fix it to the best of their ability, and they want the best for you.”-S.O.

May 2021

”They gave me the results I wanted. I felt very comfortable and felt that the whole process was efficient. Dr. Chun was very productive and helped give me the results I wanted.”-Jillian

”It was all good. No negative findings to report at this time!”-Brian Santos

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A picture containing foodA picture containing slice, dessert

”It was easy and always fast and on time. Good!”-Ella

A close up of a person's mouth A close up of a person's teeth

”My teeth are nice and straight. Good!”-Kallie C.

A person smiling for the camera A picture containing person, wall, clothing, person

A picture A close up of a person's mouth

”Great! My experience was great, and I appreciate all the good customer service.”-P.G.

A close up of a person's mouth A close up of a person's mouth

”Dr. Chun listens to concerns. Recommendable”-Lucelle V.

A close up of a person's teeth

”Overall, it was a good experience. Very pleased with the results. Good customer service. Great pricing. You’re running your business very efficiently, friendly service. Keep up the good business.”-M.N.

”Great and Awesome. Keep up great work.”-Anonymous

”It was very simple and easy. Dr. Chun was nice and easy to talk to.”-Anonymous

A collage of a person

”I am pleased with the results. I’m seeing because my; teeth look better than ever. It was a fun and enjoyable experience, every time I came in for an appointment. Thanks for removing my braces, and thanks for all the help with my teeth.”-Anonymous

“Appointments always on time, fast and easy.”-K.M.

”Return customer- so obviously more than satisfied with service.”-A.W.

”Fun, professional as well as personable. Dr. Chun is very professional and likeable.”-Vanessa

”Good treatment. Ladies and doctor were nice. She’s great!”-Ana P.

”The way they explain everything and understand your needs on appointments accommodations. I love his place. Dr Chun and all the team are amazing!!”-Adrian

A collage of a person

“Very good, everyone very; nice and they don’t take too long during appointments. I’m very satisfied and happy with my mouth.”-Anonymous

”My teeth look 1000X better than before. Amazing, very grateful. Dr. Chun is awesome. Would highly recommend.”-JoJo

”Wonderful, she is very knowledgeable, thorough and kind.”-Anonymous

”Great! She is very good in explaining the process and making you comfortable. She is flexible in adjusting the appointment schedule.”-N.K.

”Very friendly and great experience. Great lady one hundred percent recommend!”-K.D.

”It was fun and super easy. Good job! Thanks so much!”-Luca C.

“Knowledgeable, willing to listen and accommodate. Dr. Chun wants results to be perfect. This may extend treatment time. Better communication on her thoughts and expectations would be helpful. Overall love her!”-C.S.

April 2021

“Fun and personal experience sad to go☹ Keep the family environment. Love collecting the bucks and holiday games/contest.”

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March 2021

“Fixed open bite! 😊 Very professional, skilled and friendly staff. Nice and communicate about the process-especially for adults seeking orthodontic treatment!”-Anonymous

”Very satisfied with the outcome. Very easy, a breeze!”-Kate

”Friendly and knowledgeable. Keep ut the great attitude.”-A. Keyes

A collage of teeth

“Good experience. No issues.”-L.G.

A collage of a child

“I had no problem. Nie, easy, comfortable and fun. Dr. Chun is nuce and good at hr job and easy.”-Anonymous

”It was always lively, and all the workers here are very friendly and nice. I am very grateful for her time, and I can tell she a hard worker.”-J. Doe

”Good experience, I felt I was not just getting a rushed result but a long lasting one.”

A picture containing person, indoor, pink, posing

”Very good care Very caring and available.”-D.S.

A collage of a person

“It has been a pleasant experience especially with all the staff being knowledgeable and being friendly. She is very professional and friendly at the same time to make you feel at ease.”-Anonymous

February 2021

“Very welcoming environment with people who know what they are doing. Really helpful and thoroughly explains what procedures need to happen.”-Angelo Punzalan

A collage of teeth

January 2021

“Great! Super helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, answers questions and support with braces progress. Awesome, thank you for everything!”-Audrey Hernandez.

” I don’t have buck teeth anymore. Fund and effective treatment. I enjoyed the experience and the amazing staff.”-Enrique/Ricky A. Hernandez

”Organized, friendly service, and would recommend. Your service is appreciated.”-P. de Luna

A collage of a person

”Enjoyed every visit they made me feel very comfortable. Very knowledgably and friendly.”-Luis C.

“Very good; wonderful technicians who always make you feel comfortable. A great doctor who gave me wonderful results and accommodated amazingly to COVID-19.”-Eily A.

“I enjoyed how everyone care about my well-being while fixing my teeth. She is great.”-Amy

“I was nice! People were mice to me.”-S.H.

”They are all very nice to be around, they all interact with us. Dr. Chun is very nice.”-Bella P.

”Very professional and friendly. Very skillful. The results are amazing.”-S.D.

“It was very pleasant. My teeth look way better. Thank you!”-B.C.

”I just have to get used to my new smile now. It has been great, and everyone was very nice. Thank you for all your hard work."

”Really good. Super nice and you good ortho.”

“I didn’t expect to get it off this fast! I wasn’t too thrilled to get braces first, but you just have to trust the process. Orthobucs were also fun to come back to. She is very nice and always gave me good advice on my teeth. Dr. Chun also talked to me like a real person.” Rej Sahagun

”I have nice white straight teeth that enhance physical attractiveness and smile. Easy and straight forward at first but complicated and time consuming because of wearing bands. Final result makes up for it. Overall good experience. She was very knowledgeable on how to adjust my bite even when it appears the treatment are not working. She was also very helpful.” Ashton Haynes

December 2020

”My teeth look the best that they can be so far. Pretty fun and relaxing with good quality of service”-Joe

“Quick and efficient. Very professional and friendly.”-J.N.

“Pleasant but long. Very professional and friendly.”-M.F.

”Fun and a good job with my teeth. Nice.”-C.M.

“I am pleased with my results from my braces. Professional and paid attention to everything that needed to be worked on. Dr. Chun is a friendly and professional doctor. –Anonymous

“With all the time it took and effort I put in the results look good. If you need braces, you could come here. The braces look nice, and you will get results.” You did a good job in telling me to wear my bands and encouraging me.”-Elijah

“It’s a good environment!”-Anonymous

December 2020

“Very professional 10/10.” - R.O.

“Great experience. I would recommend to others. They are very friendly and professional. Dr. Chun is the best at what she does glad I chose this ortho office.” -Anonymous 

November 2020

“Flexible, always nice. Always ask how we are. Thank you Dr. Chun! I look weird without braces, but my teeth look way better! :)

”My experience has been amazing. Dr Chun has been helpful.” -Kyle Ramos


”Excellent!” -S.P.

“Great service. Over the past 3 years the staff have treated me with great care. A lengthy experience that was awesome and was helped by some of the best. She is very nice woman who cares for her patients.”

”Teeth are pretty straight now. They were very nice, attention to detail and everyone was very caring and gentle. Very careful on her work and very pleasant to work with, not negative feedback from me and a satisfactory result.” -Wesley S.

”It’s incredible how they do what they do. Extremely grateful. Worth the wait. You can’t stop smiling once you get your braces off. Incredibly amazing. Always felt good when she was doing her thing. She helped me feel comfortless. Also very friendly and nice. She also definably knows her stuff.” -A.S. 


“Pleasant. Very knowledgeable doctor.” - A.T.

”Great price. Great results, Great service. No waiting. Love the service. Great job overall!" -J.N..

“Very satisfied. Thank you Ashley, April, Marie, Dr. Chun, Everyone. All staff. Thank you for your dedication. Keep up the great job! Excellent, fantastic. Dr. Chun is very professional, caring, and extra knowledgeable and dedicated.” -Laura D.

”I would say it’s really great. The people are nice and relatable and the vibes are totally great. You’re really nice, and you took really good care of me.” -Alaysia Charles

”Easy experience with getting braces. Dr. Chun was always friendly during appointments. She explained procedures and plan going forward.” -J. Lewis


”I think it started out rough and took longer than originally thought but overall pretty good. Especially with the weeks before my removal final adjustments were made and everyone was helpful and I’m happy with how it turned out. Always nice and took my concerns into consideration to make sure I was happy." -Anonymous

”It always makes my teeth look better after every appointment.  It’s kind of uncomfortable but worth it. She is the best person there.” -Dylan N


”It’s fun and cool here. Thanks and this was fun!” -Thomas

”Even though the process was hard, everyone that handled my case made it easy. She’s awesome and very helpful.” -Tiffany D.

”Everyone has been helpful and knowledgeable, Hassle free made what could be a difficult process really easy virtually pain free.  Thank you to you and all your assistants.” -Star


”Great experience.” -Anonymous


”Teeth look amazing. It was quick, easy, and fun. She was very nice and helpful and gave easy directions.” -R. Webb

”It was long but overall a good experience. Thank you!” -Jane Doe

”Very kind staff and take proper care of their patients. Dr. Chun provides good results and is very nice towards her patients. She does what is best for your teeth and makes are you ae always satisfied.” -Gabb

”Excellent service overall. Top notch!” -Jane Smith

”Everyone is nice and friendly.” -A. Valdez

”The environment was overall positive despite my challenging case. ‘You overcame having me as a patient, you can do anything!’” -S .Sanchez

”I think my experience at Buchanan|Chun was fun because I get my teeth fixed the best. Thank you for being patient with me because I didn’t wear my elastics all the time.” -Matt V.

”Easy and comfortable, very nice staff. She’s pretty good at what she does.” -J. Cruz

”Very knowledgeable and experienced, and friendly. Caring about her patients and knows what she is doing.” -Anonymous”


”I liked the orthodontist I had. They were nice people. Dr. Chun is a good orthodontist and cares about the satisfaction of her customer.”  -C.S.

 “Yes my teeth look very nice and I like it. It was a very easy and simple experience. You would just go in and get your stuff done and then leave. Dr. Chun was very nice and was able to do what I wanted her to do for my teeth.” -E. Campbell

Emile Campbell

“Fun and nice. She’s very sweet and caring.” - A.G.


“Outstanding! Thank you for my new smile. It is such a big difference and I get so many compliments. Life changing experience. Thanks again." -Margo

“Amazing! Always very pleasant. Dr. Chun Is amazing and dedicated to getting you where you want to be with your smile.”


“I would describe as dependable (the people).  I would rate my experience 8/10.  You are super cool! Also I like the way you do your eyeliner!" - J


“I’d rather not have to wear a retainer in the first place, but that’s my personal problem, it has nothing to do with the  service. They did a good job.  Nice. Everything was fine, everyone was nice. I felt comfortable enough.  Does a good job.” -Sure

”A great experience, everyone is really nice and helpful. She is really nice and always listens to what you say. It was a good experience.” -Anonymous

“Everyone was always amazing so kind and helpful with absolutely everything. Amazing! I’m so happy with my results. She is the best! Always so kind and personable.”  -Bryony Heath

JULY 2020

“My teeth look better now than I ever expected they would.  Thank you! I’m so happy with my results!” -S.M.

”Looks straight! You always had a smile and knew what you were doing.” -Peter C.

”Great experience. Very organized. Procedures all throughout were explained well-outcome was great.” -Ethan L.

“When I first started coming here I had a big gap and overcrowded teeth. After getting my braces off the gap closed and my teeth aren’t overcrowded anymore. Chun Orthodontics is a great place. I have never had a problem.  Thank you for making my teeth look great and being so nice!” -Anonymous

“The experience here was great and very friendly. Thank you for your service.” -Ayonna H.

“Very fun and casual. And everyone was very professional. I love her so much!” -Anonymous

“Very efficient/good customer service. Very good doctor, knows what she is doing.” -Malik

”Friendly and efficient staff very knowledgeable.” -F.B.

“Good!” -John D.

“Everything is good. Appointment times were good and flexible/lots of hours good service. Dr. Chun was my only ever ortho but I love the service.” -Katya Pashkov

”Good and happy with the service and results. Thanks for everything!” -I. R.

”Fun! Great person!” -Davion Ray Salanga

JUNE 2020

“Amazing Clean. I love how she check on you and ask are you happy with your teeth?” -T. T.

”I am so happy with my results!! Thank You!  Fun environment, everyone is so kind. I love coming here. Keep doing what you are doing!” -A.K.

“My experience has been great, nothing too bad really happens. It’s only the experience of the braces that make it difficult such as flossing and eating. Thank you for keeping/making my teeth straight!" -J.

“My teeth and bite are both fixed. So they worked. A good experience with good results. Thanks for working through my front teeth with me.”

 “After each appointment, I felt ready and prepared for the next, plus everyone is friendly. Employees are friendly, and a very calming and serious atmosphere. Thank you for sticking with me as I travel through the troubles of braces and retainers.” -Anonymous

“Good. I wished I followed the directions more when treatment started but good experience. Good job! Thanks!” -Dylan


“April is amazing and I would recommend her to everyone! Dr. Chun is friendly.” -Druscilla J. Wibben

“I would describe it as fun and worth it!  Dr. Chun is amazing and is careful” -Yana D.

”Very accommodating staff and clean!” -C.F.

”My teeth are straight and look great. They are always willing to help and will get started with your appointments ASAP. She always told me what I needed to do to straighten my teeth which was very helpful.” -Harry.

”Fun and pleased with results! Always professional. Dr. Chun is great!” -Amanda Jantzen

”The people are really nice and the service is good. She is really nice.” -Ruben Munoz

”Fast, friendly, amazing! Very knowledgeable and kind!” -J.O.

”We ae very pleased. We would refer. Knowledgeable, kind, respectful.” -Mimi Doering



“Easy, fun, amazing! You are the BEST J!" -XBubblesX

”Great environment that provides great results in the end, highly recommend. Awesome work, the trays were perfect and worked really well the past few years.” -J. P.


”Straight teeth, no gaps, Very welcoming and very comforting.” -Anonymous

“They are very nice and made my teeth look better. Dr. Chun is great.” -Anonymous

“Great! Keep it up!” -Penny


“My teeth are finally straight, good! Very rewarding.” -Aleena Johannis

“I am so happy with my smile. Great experience. Very sweet and patient with me. Great place, friendly, fun, clean, great service.” -R.N.


“Easy going experience. Dr. and dental assistant wiling to answer my questions and inform me of the procedures. Thank you for your work and open communication.” -Anonymous

”Very good! Great ortho doctor.” -Anonymous


”My teeth are straighter than before. The employees are kind. Dr. Chun was very helpful and kind.” -A.C. 

“My teeth are a lot straighter. I felt like braces were part of me.  She is nice and friendly and explains things very well.” -Zoe M.

“Great experience. Friendly staff. Awesome doctor!” -Matt

“My teeth look good and straight. It was a comfortable experience that I enjoyed. The service was always good she is a good doctor who is very skilled and cares about her patients.” -Anonymous


“Excellent customer service. Nice, explained everything thoroughly.” -Anonymous

”Everyone is nice, easy to make appointments. It was an awesome 3 years.” -A.E.


”Amazing they’re nice and fun. She’s to the point and can be fun overall a good business woman.” -J.D.

”It was very good, in my opinion. I don’t have anything to compare it to. Dr. Chun is very nice and a fun person.” -Jarell C.


”The environment was very friendly! The staff always made sure I was comfortable during my appointments as well.” -Anonymous

”My teeth look in place. It was good. My teeth look way better than they did when I started. Dr. Chun is great! “ -Nate

My teeth have never looked better, they really want your teeth to look great. It was tolerable. I thought having braces would suck but you guys didn’t make it seem so bad.  She’s great, knows what she’s doing she’s obviously a very trustworthy person.” -Sophia

December 2019

“Efficient and professional! She’s super nice, remembers every patient and what’s going on in their lives to provide a comforting visit.”-Mikhaela Compuesto


“Awesome! Always caring and helpful. Very nice doctor! Does a great job making the experience comfortable.- Anonymous


“The ortho techs were all pleasant and friendly. Dr. Chun is very friendly and welcoming as well. She’s very knowledgeable and wiling to thoroughly explain things to patients. Sue was very friendly and warm and explains treatment options thoroughly. Dr. Chun is knowledgeable and friendly. She does the best she can to ensure patients receive the best treatment they deserve.” Meredith


“The person who handles me is very good. Her name is Iris. She is very professional and passionate on what she does. She is patient, funny and I really enjoyed talking to her. She listens and cares. The rest of the staff is friendly too. For me everything is perfect. Everybody is very professional especially Dr. Chun and Iris. She is truly patient and fun. I’m going to miss you all. Thank you so much for everything. Dr. Chun is kind and approachable. Very professional. She listens and understands well and she makes sure that her patients are happy with the result. She’s very dedicated to her job and she truly likes their patients”- J.D.


“Awesome! Very nice and fun.”-Jeff Spicoli


“I would say my orthodontic experience here was amazing. Everyone knows what they’re doing and are very kind. Dr. Chun is very knowledgeable in her profession and it is evident she loves her job. She is very nice.”-Carolina

“It was a great experience, the staff was kind and everything explained to me was thorough. Keep doing what you’re doing.”-Busy Bee


“I would describe it as a great friendly orthodontic office that makes you their priority. I honestly think Dr. Chun is great at her job and really cares about what you think, and the people around her.”-N.P.

“Good and fun”-Anonymous


“My experience was pleasant, painless and timely. Thank you for providing excellent service and post treatment plan.” D. Rogers


“My teeth look very straight and they are evenly filed. The process was long but I got the results I wanted and the people are very kind. She’s very nice and always asks what I want to change about my teeth.”-Ashylnn Thompson