December 2017

“Long. Thank you all for helping me get a smile I can be proud of.”-Riley

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“They are filled with a friendly atmosphere. Dr. Chun is competent, professional, and approachable.”


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“The people are very nice and easy to talk to; they are always worried about how you are doing. Dr. Chun is very nice and interested in what’s going on in your life.”-Anonymous

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“Pleasant experience. No hassles. Everything was clearly explained.  Dr. Chun is very knowledgeable and nice.  She did a good job explaining procedures to us. “-Anonymous

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“I love it!   Very pleasant experience, always!  I felt like I was her only pt, very personalized, first class care!”-Veronica Chavez

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“It’s great the way it is.  A good experience with braces.  Good job! I like my teeth now!”-K.D.
“It’s was a great experience, everyone was always very kind.  Dr. Chun is a great person always encouraging.”-Anonymous

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“Good service and can accommodate my schedule.  Thanks for giving me a great smile and really talking about my teeth.”-Anonymous

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“Well satisfied. Only major concerns were tooth slenderizing and tooth chips.”-M. Valentine

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“On time appointments and they are professional. Dr. Chun is pleasant and easy going.” T. Wooden

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November 2017

“I don’t look goofy anymore. They are helpful and they always there if you need help and or feel pain.”-G. Clement
“Everyone here is exceptional in every way.  It's hard to improve on perfection. Wonderful!  Dr. Chun is excellent, caring and non-pushy.”-Mathew

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“It's a very friendly environment. They were always there when something went wrong with my braces. They were knowledgeable.  Dr. Chun is nice, always there to greet you when you come in.  She is knowledgeable, just really great person and great doctor.”-K. Estigoy

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“I was hesitant on how my smile would be transformed, but seeing the results on how it now looks, my smile is wonderful. A great and welcoming place that will truly transform your teeth into a beautiful smile! It is so nice that you remember me, me my name and activities that I do. You have so many kids that can be hard to remember. Thank you.”-M.C.

“My teeth have improved from when I first put on my braces.  It was a great experience.  Dr. Chun does really well on my braces and is also really nice.”-Kaleb P. 

“It was nice to always come in to see smiling people and friendly faces. Dr. Chun was very nice and always gave good instructions on what to do and how to do it.”-Jordan Reeder

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“It was a good experience and I’m happy with my results.  I’m happy with my teeth! Thank You!”-J.B. 
“I had a good orthodontic experience.”-D.O.
“My teeth are not messed up any more. It was good. Fixed my teeth. Dr. Chun is nice.”-J.T.
“They are good service and great employee. Dr. Chun is very kind person and good service.”-Paulita Odon
“Very good customer service! A very good doctor.”-I.A.

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“I love my teeth. I love how it all mostly ladies and how welcome I always feel.  Dr. Chun is very informative and caring.”-Jade Anderson

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“I have no complaints. It was really friendly and the job got done.  Really good doctor.  The assistant’s as well.”-C.R.
“Fun environment and great service! It was a long journey, but we made it!”-Haley W.

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“They are the best! Love it. Best ever, Love her!” Christina

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“They are the best!!! More chap stick please! My teeth are nice and amazing. Good, great, amazing.”M.B.

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October 2017

“Very thorough and overall a good experience.  Very nice and patient; seems very knowledgeable.”-Anonymous

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 “They are a knowledgeable treatment team, nice office staff. I really liked working with Dr. Chun-She has a great way of dealing with patients.”-S.M.
“You are all awesome and professional. Excellent and all my expectations were exceeded by a wonderful staff. Love Dr Chun-knowledgeable, kind caring, encouraging and love’s her work.”-Chrissy

“Warm and knowledgeable. I feel like we should go dancing!!!”-T.D.
“Good! She was helpful and always explained thoroughly”-Sarah

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September 2017

“Friendly, professional environment. Amazing service!”-Erick

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“My teeth increasingly looked better. Not stressful with good advice on brushing and flossing. The people are nice. Dr. Chun is very helpful. I am able to understand instructions due to good feedback and it’s not painful when she adjusts anything.”-J.B. 
“Good. Good!”-Anonymous

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“Buchanan | Chun did a great job with my teeth and listening to my parents’ requests.  They look out for your wishes and always inform you of what they are going to do through out the process. Dr. Chun is very patient, kind and looks out for the customer’s request. She takes great thought into each appointment and procedures based on any customer concerns.”-Katie H.

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“Buchanan | Chun Orthodontics has the best customer service and is always willing to help me get straight, shiny teeth. She is very knowledgeable and always shad my trust when she was working on my teeth.”-D. Ginn

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“Amazing. Everything was great!”-M. Lodhi

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“My teeth are looking way better than before the treatment. I’m very happy I decided to do it.  They are very fun and enjoyable.”-A.J. 
“I like my results and I’m so happy. They have nice people working there and it’s fast.  Everything is fine and nice.”-A.V.

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“Very reliable, helpful people who want to make sure nothing is left wrong with your teeth. Dr. Chun is very kind and helpful in updating and answering any questions I’ve had.-Tula B

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“It was great I’ve been coming here for awhile.  I loved coming here. I have no complaints!-Anonymous

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“Great team who took care of my son’s orthodontic needs with good results!  Dr. Chun is very knowledgeable and has good bedside manners. My son really likes her.”-JRW

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“The time passes so quickly because you don’t dread going to get your braces tightened. You look forward to it!  Dr. Chun is really nice and I loved how she always made a point to ask how my day was going.”-Maddie S. 

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“It was an amazing and fun experience.  I enjoyed my time here very much. I was treated very well with amazing customer service.”-M. Swicegood

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“Staff is very friendly.  I am very pleased. Time went by fast.”-L.H. 

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“Great and very rewarding. She was very nice and helpful.”-Anonymous

“Great service. The absolute best.  The best Orthodontic compared to other people that I have seen. I absolutely love your work! You are defiantly the best at what you do. Both myself and daughter are pleased wit the outcome of our orthodontic experience.”-S. Walker

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“I am hot sexy! At least my mouth. Loved the experience. Made my second round of braces easier. Dr. Chun is okay. Out of all of my orthodontists, she is the best! Dr. Chun is very knowledgeable. I would recommend her. She is great!”-K.F.

August 2017

“I am surprised how straight my teeth were when I compared them to the pictures at the beginning. They are fun and progressive. Dr. Chun is very driven and thoughtful also very friendly to patients.” - J.D.



“They are polite, friendly, and caring, and very knowledgeable.” - Q. Z.

“It was a breeze, finished in 2 ½ years. Teeth look beautiful. Dr. Chun is a very nice and patient with me.” - E. M.

“Great staff!! I would recommend friends and family. Dr. Chun has been great during my treatment. Very personable!!” - J. V.



“Pleasant, considerate, and effective. They worked with my school schedule which is greatly appreciated and was always kind and gentle during appointments.” - Sheridan



“I’m happy with the results. Nice environment and easy steps to follow. Thank you for making my teeth fixed.” - Matt Matt


“Everything was perfect. My teeth look nice. Amazing through the whole process. Keep being awesome!” - Tyler D


“It was overall a good experience but it took a long time to get my braces off. She is very nice and gives good care to my teeth.” - Anonymous



“Love the whole office. Thank you so much! I enjoyed coming to each appointment. Very pleased! The experience was great. I feel Dr. Chun did not rush RJ’s treatment. Dr. Chun, take more vacations!” - R. J.



“My teeth were noticeable improved and straighter than when I was in the 8th grade. They are reliable and trustworthy. Dr. Chun is a very good orthodontist who engages with every patient’s needs.” - Michael Manno


“I would describe it as friendly, fun, and having great results. Dr. Chun is very nice, knowledgeable, and friendly.” - Christopher Duffy

“Amazing! Good orthodontist.” - Ethan G.


“Awesome. Super nice to everyone” - Talia G.


“Good at what they do. Friendly environment. The orthodontist is nice, caring and great at her job.” - I. S.

July 2017

“I would recommend Buchanan | Chun Orthodontics because they helped fix my teeth and get the best smile I can. Dr. Chun is a good orthodontist.” – Anonymous

“I love my teeth! Orthobucks…fun environment! Nice people. I love my experience.” – Marilyn H.



“Great, helped my teeth. Thank you for what you did.” – Erick S.



“I think they did a really good job. Dr. Chun is very nice lady and does a good job.” – A. T.


“Her teeth look great. Totally enjoyable, everyone was very helpful, pleasantly knowledgeable. Very nice lady.” – A. B.



“I love the way the office is now. I would describe it as welcoming someone not just as a customer but as a family member. Dr. Chun is an amazing person and easy to work with.” – Mori



“Very friendly, good attention to details, always explain things and make sure you are happy with the results. Dr. Chun is very thorough and takes time to explain things and answer questions. She is very personable and makes you feel very comfortable and it is enjoyable to come to the office." – K. Hunt

“My experience is good and quick. I got what they promised off by senior year in high school ready for college. Thank you so much!” – Jessie Mango



“They are efficient, provided honest expectations, very friendly, and are professional. She made the journey of braces painless and gave me results that I am very happy about. I would recommend to my friends and family. “ – Tiffany Trabajo-Benin



“Professional, fun, fast service. Great team work throughout the office…nice to be around them. Always enjoy coming to my appointments. Dr. Chun is knowledgeable and will help you get the result you want. She is thoughtful and won’t sell you nor push you on treatment that you won’t need. She’s fun to talk to.” – J. Cruz


June 2017

“Exciting, well worth the wait! Thank you so much Dr. Chun!!!” – Julian A.

“Everyone from staff to doctor have been professional and provide great customer service. Very knowledgeable and provided the best care possible. Their service made me comfortable which my smile for years had been difficult for me. They have a friendly and caring environment. April did a great job on handling my case. She knows her stuff. I trust her judgment. I feel comfortable and confident in her skills.” – J.P.



“They are pleasant and helpful. They are welcoming, caring, and knowledgeable.” – Anonymous


“I’ve seen my before and after pictures, there are less gaps if not none. The appointments are quick on only hurt every now and then. I feel a big difference in my smile.” – J.V.

“It was good they took real good care of me. Dr. Chun was great and cool to talk to. She made my teeth perfect.” – N. Castro



“It was a long journey. It was fun. Nice woman. Very caring.” – Jeramiah Lott



“Amazing! This was an awesome experience and I always felt welcome and my questions were always answered! Thanks for everything!” – Christina



“Outstanding!” – James Zertuche



“I love the way my teeth look and how they feel! I would describe it as great and quick service with really nice and an informative doctor. Although it hurt a little when removing and scraping off the glue, I am very pleased with the way my teeth turned out. Thank You.” – Kaelyn C.


May 2017

“It was nice because everyone who worked on my teeth were very kind. Dr. Chun is super nice, works very good, and has a great personality.” – S. R.


“Everyone is very nice and always very energetic. My teeth are finally straight and all together. No more spaces! I am very satisfied. It‘s always quick and all the assistants make sure I am comfortable before they proceed to any procedure. I like that a lot. Dr. Chun makes sure my teeth are perfect. Now, I got my braces off. I love my teeth. So thank you Dr. Chun!” – C. M.

“Doctor was very committed to getting my teeth fixed and are kind to patients. Dr. Chun works hard to make sure everything is in the perfect shape.” – Jenna C.


“It was a great experience. I would highly recommend to people scared of dentists. Great doctor and makes sure you’re always comfortable.” – C. L.



“I’ve needed braces since I was 14. I’m very satisfied. Fantastic I feel comfortable here. Conversations are easy to come by and the staff is very personable. Dr. Chun is awesome. She is very easy going and knowledgeable. She has a gentle touch and an eye for perfection.” – Madelyn C.



“My teeth are straight and I love it! You won’t regret it, you’ll love you smile. Dr. Chun is great and cares about you.” – Jenna Vela



“My teeth haven’t fallen out, so there is nothing to be displeased with. They definitely got things done within the way they said they would. Dr. Chun is a productive orthodontist who also interacts well with patients.” – A. T.


“Buchanan | Chun Orthodontics made my experience having braces a good one and helped me understand the process along the way. Dr. Chun was a great and very supportive. She always explained what was going on.” – K. R.



“It was very long but worth it. My teeth look great. She is very knowledgeable and a kind doctor. She is very good at what she does. “ – Anonymous



“The staff are nice and the building has a fun environment. I am pleased with the results.” – Arvin


“Great service, feels like a family. Friendly, great person.” – J. E.

“Dr. Chun made sure to look at small details to make my teeth count out perfect. Very good! Love the people who work here. I trust each and every one of them! Thank you for taking time to focus on every detail.” – Tara Grimes



“Everything was great. The staff was always very nice, experienced, and knowledgeable. Excellent. I am very pleased with my new smile and results. The best experience ever when it comes to dentist and treatment. Dr. Chun is just fantastic, one of the best.” – Ken Britt


“I feel comfortable when I come in, everyone is friendly.” – Gianni Roof



April 2017

“Keep up the outstanding care! Great experience-met my expectations and more! Thank you for everything! Thank you so much for your great care! You and the girls were awesome!”-Janette



“My teeth look better than before. Everyone was friendly and understanding. She is really nice and helpful.”-B.R.



“My teeth look good. It was a good experience. The service was wonderful. Dr. Chun is really nice. She always wants the best for her patients. She will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.”-Mackenzie B.


“They are really nice here and always greet me with a smile. My teeth are straight and I have a beautiful smile now. They are nice and they took care of me and my teeth.”-De’Mya H


“It was good. I like he people. She’s nice. Seems like she knows what she’s doing."-M.R.


“I would never have imagined this much chane in my teeth/face by getting treatment. It’s been great! Thanks! Thank you for your patience and helping me achieve a beautiful smile. I hope that I can one day provide the service you provide to your patients.”-Anonymous



“It was a good experience, although at times it hurt, the people around are good. The workers here are very nice!”-M.M.

March 2017

“My experience has been nothing but amazing. The staff are very friendly. I enjoy coming to my appointments. She is amazing.”-Anonymous.


“Very professional and safe place. Best doctor I know!”-J.B.



“It’s always positive and welcoming. It makes coming to appointment fun. They are very accommodating and made every trip to the orthodontist fun and welcoming. I could always cont on Dr. Chun knowing exactly what to do. Never had any doubt and I felt safe with the knowledge that she has handling my teeth.”-Madhu B.



“My teeth feel great and will make me smile a whole lot more. It was exciting and I always felt welcomed. She is very nice and helped me love my smile today!”-T. Patel





“Our experience was good. Always on time and value for service received. Dr. Chun and her staff are knowledgeable and very friendly. Our experience at Buchanan|Chun was good. Dr. Chun was always good at explaining what is being done. She is kind to my daughter when working on her teeth.”-A. Balakumaran



“The experience was great overall. As expected, results were met. Employees are very nice and are knowledgeable. Dr. Chun is very nice, and makes sure her patients are comfortable and happy with the results.”-S. P.

“Very nice staff and good treatment of teeth. Dr. Chun is very kind and knowledgeable.”-Eric O.



“Easy, Good results. Good doctor, good treatment.”-Deven T.



“You guys rock! Super happy! Great experience overall. The staff is super friendly and very professional. Doctor Chun is the best! Dr. Chun is very professional and very nice. She’s always looking for what is best for the client.”-J. Doe


February 2017

“You get professional care in a friendly environment with workers who care and have my interest at heart. Dr. Chun is professional, gentle, friendly and an advisor.”-D.N.

“It was fun and everyone was always super friendly. She’s super sweet and great! She really knows what she’s doing!”-JM



“It was great, better than I expected I love dr. Chun, Great Doctor. I am pleased with my treatment.”-Natalia H.



“I have no complaints. I have been her e for years, and looking at the before and after is stunning. I would say it’s the most fun, family friendly place to get braces. Dr. Chun seems very professional on what she is doing which makes the place much better.”-Carter A.



“It is a fun environment with expert staff. The staff and doctor are very professional, knowledgeable, and very easy to talk to.”-Christopher D.



“I like my smile. Simple and effective. Friendly.”-M.S.

“My teeth look good!.”-Anonymous


“Fun, Fast and amazing service. Dr. Chun is friendly and nice, really gets to know you.”-Anonymous


“I think its great. It was easy, quick, and fun. Thank You. It was easy and great!”-S.O.

“I don’t see anything bad. Everything that we could fix was fixed. It is a fun, comfortable, trustworthy environment. Dr. Chun is cool, trustworthy, and nice.”-P.D.

“Everything went fine. Only thing would be better communication of what is needed to be done before the removal of braces Teeth are straighter than they were before. I would describe it as a fun environment that made the experience lesw nerve racking. Dr. Chun was great and friendly. She answered questions very willingly and was very knowledgeable.”-B.G.

“Great experience after transfer from Texas. Good caring environment. Dr. Chun was very helpful and organized through the experience.”-Chris W.



“It’s absolutely great. I love how my teeth look. Great and fun. Dr. Chun is very nice and encouraging.”-Anonymous


“You guys rock! It is a fun and family friendly environment. They are very professional and very kind.”-Kix


“My teeth look so nice and everyone in this office is very kind and awesome! I would describe my experience as fu and orderly. The assistants really informed me about what was going on in my mouth and the purpose of all of them. Dr. Chun is amazing! She is a very nice person who made the experience smooth and enduring.”-Deomar A.



“My teeth are smooth and aligned and that’s what is most important to me. It was a very fun and safe environment. All the workers are very nice and they do their job well. Dr. Chun was very kind and you never doubt her abilities and knowledge I knew I was in good hands.”-Ashley A.


January 2017

“Cool and Fun, Thanks.”-GP

“Outstanding!, Awesome!”-Tim S.



“My teeth look great! It took a long time until my braces were taken off but it was worth the wait. Nice and friendly.”-R. Decena


“Took awhile but it was good. Does the job well.”-Jonathan L.



“Professional service and friendly. I am pleased with my results. Thank You!”-Cheri


“I am very excited about my results. Great service and very pleased with the results. Dr. Chun is very nice and knowledgeable.”-Aaron S.



“I am very happy with my teeth results. My experience was amazing and I would recommend this orthodontist. Dr. Chun did a great job on my teeth along with the other dentists.”-Anonymous


“Overall I liked it whenever I came to the orthodontist. I currently like it a lot here. They have good service. You are awesome! Thanks for everything.”-P. Singh Khalsa



“Everything is perfect  Nothing needs to change. I like how my ending results look. They are kind people an they do a great job. Great doctor, she does a great job, very kind person.”-Anonymous

“I don’t think I could have had better service. I am completely satisfied from beginning to end. I was afraid of seeing significant yellowing or possible tiny gaps in between my teeth, but the result is the complete opposite. I finished ahead of schedule with an amazing outcome. Buchanan| Chun Orthodontics is the most professional, knowledgeable, friendly and experienced service for braces in the country!!. You shouldn’t go anywhere else. Tan you, doctor for swiftly guiding me through this process. I am very appreciative of your expertise. I am completely satisfied with the service at both locations, and I wish you continued success.”-Anonymous.


“Everything was great. Everyone seemed knowledgeable, I didn’t waste time waiting to be seen. Results were visible. Dr. Chun is sweet and efficient with her time. I appreciate the professionalism and kindness she showed me.”-L.N.


December 2016

“Phenomenal all-around service. April=da bomb. More afterschool appointments needed to improve my experience. My transformation form 3rd grade to now is super. Over the top experience. It is always fun and joyful coming into the office. The staff is great. Dr. Chun is a very knowledgeable, kind, fun, and patient.”-S. Peterson.

“I am very satisfied with the treatment I got; the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable on what they’re doing. Dr. Chun explained every procedure (as well as staff) well and accordingly.”-Anonymous


“They are gentle and Lea is Happy and teeth look great! Thanks!”-Happy Patient


“I thought it was fun and easy. I think Dr. Chun is nice and gentle.”-T. Rice


“Very convenient and everyone is super nice. Dr. Chun is super nice and good at her job."

“My teeth don’t have weird crooked spaces on the bottom. Slightly tedious because I’m impatient but otherwise good.”-Ryan M.


“The staff and service are very reliable. Perfect the way it is. It’s a good reliable place for dental care. Dr. Chun is very kind and considerate.”-Alma


“It already is fun!!! The staff is awesome! Dr. Chun is a wonderful person and is very nice!”-Kat


“It was really nice experience. Staff is friendly. Dr. Chun is really nice.”-S.K.

“Everyone was GREAT! Stay universal!!! You guys were all super! It is the best place to go get braces! They experience is great! I love how my teeth turned out after all the trillions of adjustments I needed! Thank You!”-Jose Gomez



”Nothing I can think of to improve, my experience has been amazing! I would describe it as effortless. My appointment were made easy, fast and everything went as planned. Dr. Chun is awesome. Always has a smile on her face and is happy to answer any questions I may have.” M.V.

November 2016


SP_After01.jpg SP_After02_09Jan2017.jpg

SP_After02_003.jpg SP_After-02_09Jan2017.jpg

“Cool people! Ya’ll coo. Best service ever. These girls are family.”-Jimmel the man

“My teeth used to be all over the place and now they’re perfect. It wasn’t even that painful along the way. This is a good service for people of all ages. It works quick and effective. Excellent doctor very committed to fixing teeth into a perfect smile.”-Caitlin R.

“It was very fun, and the braces really worked. The appointments were short and easy.”-Joe



“Environment and service are excellent. There is rarely an issue Just be sure you go to the correct location (Vallejo/Benicia). Dr. Chun is friendly and knew what she was doing. She made things easy to understand.”-Tyler C

“Painless and pleasant. The Best.”-Peg Bradley

“I never thought I would have teeth this straight. It’s a fund environment and whatever you need they will get the job done. Dr. Chun is very nice and intelligent.”-E.D.


“My teeth look better. They are well experienced, good at what they do and at their job. I think Dr. Chun is really good and thanks to all who made my smile look better.”-Anonymous

AP_After01.jpg AP_After02_09Jan2017.jpg

“My teeth look really good. It was really good. Everyone was nice and I like the way my teeth turned out. Dr. Chun is really nice and does a good job.”-C. W.

“It’s a great environment and very friendly. Dr. Chun does a great job! She works hard to get the best smile for me.”-Charlene Abuela



“Not as painful as I expected and I am very happy with my teeth. You did a good, boo!”-Kamryn K



“Much progress has been made with regards to my teeth. Excellent doctor. Always makes sure to inform patient of procedure with detail.”-G.C.

“It’s been good but took longer than expected because kid’s teeth were slow about coming in. Dr. Chun is very patient with Megan.”-G. Miller



“My teeth are very straight and are very nice. I am so happy with the results. It was good although it took a lot of time, care and pain, it is all very worth it. Dr. Chun was very kind. I valued and took the advice she told me about my teeth and braces“-C Pielago

“Everything is great! Great experience. Great customer service. Everyone is skillful and knowledgeable. Great doctor! You made me happy and confident!”



“Really positive. Dr. Chun is very professional and friendly.”-A. Ogan


October 2016

“I think everything is great here! My teeth are looking freshhh! Very friendly environment and great staff.”-Napoleon Dynamite


“Very professional yet friendly service. Dr. Chun and her assistants are very good at what they do. I could tell from the start that Dr. Chun approached my case with genuine concern, attention to detail, and a perfectionist’s attitude. All things I very much appreciated.”-P. Thatcher

“Great place, good music, awesome people. Thanks a lot Dr. Chun and friends.” Steven A.

“My teeth look straighter. It was long, but worth it. Thank you for the service. I like the outcome.”-J. Doe



“Enjoyable and friendly staff. Fun activities. Dr. Chun is involved with patients and gives family information.”-S.M.



“Everything works nicely here. My experience here was enjoyable and welcoming. Everyone makes me feel at home and is a pleasure to tell stories to. Thank you so much. You’ve literally performed a miracle to my mouth.”-Anonymous


“My experience was great and you should go there. Dr. Chun is good at what she does and cares about her patients”-Anonymous



“Teeth look better than ever. Very professional and fun. Dr. Chun is very easy going and straight forward.”-J.V.



“Really good! It was really fun and got me in and out of braces relatively fast! Dr. Chun is really nice! Always says “Hello” or “how are you?” when she sees you!”-Anonymous

“Everyone was so nice! My teeth look great. I’m so happy. Everyone who works with Dr. Chun is so kind and Dr. Chun was also so kind. Dr. Chun is an amazing orthodontist. She really takes the time to make sure things are adjusted so that the end result is good.”-Janelle



September 2016

“It is fine and is very nice and welcoming. My teeth look nice and are together. My experience here for the past 4 years have been so nice and welcoming coming in enjoying every appointment. Everything at this office is perfect. Everyone is so nice and nothing needs to change.”-Lizzy Cone


“It was really great and easy. Just make sure that you on time and if you just show up and let them do their work and all you have to do is maintain your teeth. Dr. Chun, you did a really great job and I am pleased with the results.”-Diego B



“April is the best! Super gentle, efficient and detail oriented. Dr. Chun explained every step of the process and made sure I knew the treatment plan. Nothing needs to be improved-you ladies are the BEST! My whole life I’ve been embarrassed of my smile. In less than 2 years you’ve literally changed my life by providing me the smile I’ve always wanted! Easy, breezy beautiful cover girl! Dr. Chun is fabulous-smart, efficient and easy to work with.”-Michelle



“Very accommodative. They are a very professional staff. They are excellent, fabulous, and I have no complaints. Dr. Chun is very personable and has a collaborative spirit.”-B.C

“I usually cal you guys the ‘smartdontics’ when I talk to family/friends. My experience was long but satisfying. Dr. Chun, I like dhow fast you always moved. You aren’t rough at all. You’re very knowledgeable ‘bout ya teeth girl.’”-Mami Mula


“Very good. Very friendly and caring.”-D.J.



Kira baker review



“Honest, cooperative and willing to listen and work with me. Dr. Chun is the best. I was a tough case and she patiently explored all options available and provided the best solution.”-Anonymous



Everything is perfect. Everyone is nice to their patient. My teeth look great. It’s and adventure. Dr. Chun is the best.”-LU



“Everything is great! Excellent work, very knowledgably and friendly. Dr. Chun is very nice and informative.”-J.A.




“Very easy and pleasant. Dr. Chun is very nice and always seemed to know what to do.”-Jacob P.



“The office does not need improvement. My teeth are perfectly fine. I’m more than pleased wit the results. Thank you for making this experience as easy as possible.”-H.W.

“My teeth are straight and pearly white, I love it! My appointments were always fun, talking to the staff was a great time spender. You did a great job on my teeth! I can finally take a school picture with straight teeth. Ha ha!”-Luke H.



“My Orthodontic experience was very helpful and I am more than happy with the results. Dr. Chun is a very nice doctor who always engages into a conversation.”-Anonymous


“Teeth are straight. I have an amazing smile. A memory I’ll always remember. Dr. Chun is very positive and wants to see the best out of each person.”-J.B.



August 2016

“Each time they (front desk and everyone else) make you feel welcome with a nice smile. They are really friendly. They really care about you not just a patient. They are fun, nice, and friendly; love the smiles when we walk in. Dr. Chun is amazing. She is always paying attention to all her patients and family. I haven’t thanked her but now I will say it. Thanks Dr. Chun for taking the time to send me a card about my mom. Thank You.”-V.G.



“Awesome team, very caring!!! Thanks You. Long time coming but it turned out great considering I am a tooth off from my midline. They are an amazing staff, very considerate. They have a very caring doctor and staff. Please continue!” B. Devita



"Overall great experience from the staff. April gave me great care the entire treatment. Nothing needs to improve. Please stay the same. I was a very difficult case couldn’t expect anything better. Friendly, professional staff that really cares about results. I Cant’ thank Dr. Chun enough after taking over my case from Dr. Buchanan and made sure I was really happy with the results. She is exceptional.”-John D

“A process worth waiting through. Dr. Chun is really friendly and encouraging throughout the process.”-Joven P



“Everyone seems to care and take real good care of the patient.” Everything is perfect. It looks like my teeth are set up nicely. My experience was really good, everyone seems to help and accommodate the patient’s needs. Dr. Chun Thanks for everything and for making sure my teeth came out good.”-A.S.


“You guys don’t need to improve. Everything and everyone is wonderful. Everyone is nice. I like everything about the orthodontist.”-A.R.


“Everything is great! Fast, Fun, Easy. Dr. Chun is awesome. She always talked to mea bout how I was doing and what I was doing. She was very engaging and encouraging.”—Gabby Q.

“Teeth aren’t bad anymore. My experience was good. Dr. Chun was friendly and nice.”-G.P.



“It was great, well worth the treatment. The office staff is very friendly. I love everything about the treatment. Dr. Chun is very sweet and knowledgeable.”-T.E.



“The experience was good. There is little to no wait every time I come for an appointment. Dr. Chun is a great dentist. She was very nice and very helpful.”-Anonymous



“Great smile! Friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable. Dr. Chun is super kind.”-Sebastian A.



“Nice and friendly people who are good at what they do. Dr. Chun was very nice and made me think braces aren’t bad.” Christian. B.

“For as much as having braces wasn’t fun, the service itself made a bad thing as good as it could be. Dr. Chun was god. I only saw her for a short time at the end of each appointment but she was always nice, understanding and wanting to help.”-L. Ramirez



“Great! Dr. Chun is amazing; I recommend all my family and friends to visit her.”-N.G.



July 2016

“Good efficient service. Excellent service! Dr. Chun has a gently touch, is professional and provides excellent service.”-anonymous



“Keep doing what you are doing. Warm welcome from receptionist and always good. Dr. Chun is nice and straight to the point Aim to please.”-Tracy Benjamin



“My teeth are very straight and perfect. I loved it everyone is so nice and caring. Dr. Chun is wonderful and very helpful and understanding.”-Zaria

Implant and bonding planned


“I had a great time here. Love the staff, great experience. Everyone has been so helpful and friendly. Dr. Chun is so nice has related to my kids and always let me informed on what is going on.” Lily H.



“I like how my teeth look. I’d say “They’re cool they give you orthobucs that you can trade for prizes later.” I like how you care about the patients.”-J.R.

“Easy and smooth! DR. Chun is really nice and never keeps people waiting.”-Emily G.



“No complaints. It was pretty quick and turned out nice. Dr. Chun is very nice and seems to be good at what she does.”-Connor C.



“The office is very personable and very accommodating of patient’s needs. Dr. Chun has a pleasing personality, understanding and is patient.”-H. Jimenz




“My teeth look a lot better than before. It’s a nice place. Dr. Chun is great and always happy when you show up.”-Christian W.”

June 2016

“They are convenient, on time, clean, friendly. Dr. Chun is approachable, nice and knowledgeable.”-Olivia

Olivia_b.jpg Olivia_a.jpg

Olivia_b1.jpg Olivia_a1.jpg

“Awesome, Fun, Amazing! Dr. Chun is super nice and cares a lot about her patients and staff.”-Kat

Kat_b.jpg Kat_a.jpg

Kat_b1.jpg Kat_a1.jpg

“Because my teeth are perfect now thanks to the services here. It was pretty fun and interesting. The work you guys did to perfect my teeth was wonderful and it feels good to feel my teeth again.” Carl

Carl_b.jpg Carl_a.jpg

Carl_b1.jpg Carl_a1.jpg

“My teeth are very nice. It was longer than expected but well worth it. Dr. Chun s very friendly and always smiles.”-Noah M.

Noah_b1.jpg Noah_a1.jpg

“They are great very friendly, treats patients like family. Everyone was nice. They are my family now the best. Dr. Chun is amazing! My results were great. She’s super nice and sweet.”-Jazmin

Jazmin_b1.jpg Jazmin_a1.jpg

“Getting braces wasn’t as long or as painful of a process as I thought. It would be because I had a great orthodontic group organizing it. Dr. Chun is very helpful and professional and was always listening when I told her about problems with braces.”-Sean P

“Professional, and friendly. Great!”-Mateo I.

Mateo_b.jpg Mateo_a.jpg

Mateo_b1.jpg Mateo_a1.jpg

“Wonderful experience. Dr. Chun is a very good orthodontists but most especially she’s caring and very friendly too, which makes the treatment a fun experience.”-J. Doe



“They really care about getting the results you want. You’re awesome Dr. Chun! My teeth feel weird but it’s cool seeing the difference.”-Princess

Princess_b1.jpg Princess_a1.jpg

Princess_b2.jpg Princess_a2.jpg

“They are considerate to me being a patient who has undergone previous surgery. I’m thankful for everything they’ve done to me. Dr. Chun is one doctor who shows she really cares. I couldn’t thank her enough. God bless her.”-N.A.

“My teeth are way straighter than how I expected it was going to be. It was a very good experience because of how nice everything , especially the Orthobucs. Dr. Chun is really good because she gives good advice and answers many questions.”-J.S.

J_S_b.jpg J_S_a.jpg

J_S_b1.jpg J_S_a1.jpg

“It was long, but glad I got straight teeth now. Everybody who works here seemed great. Good environment. Thank You. Everything went well.”-Anonymous

“Pleasant. They are accommodating and very nice. Dr. Chun is personable but not too much or invasive.”-Dana O Connell

Connell_b.jpg Connell_a.jpg

Connell_b1.jpg Connell_a1.jpg

“I loved it here. Perfectly straight teeth, always making sure things are perfect over 3 years. A very fun, enjoyable treatment that was well worth the 3 years of braces. Dr. Chun did an awesome job. She made sure I was always set to go and made sure to always be careful. ”-Connor Buchanan

Buchanan_b.jpg Buchanan_a.jpg

Buchanan_b1.jpg Buchanan_a1.jpg

May 2016

“It was a great experience. Everyone was nice. Thank you so much Dr. Chun! I love my teeth they are beautiful. You did a wonderful job!”-M.L.

M_L_b.jpg M_L_a.jpg

M_L_b1.jpg M_L_a1.jpg

“My bite is fixed and my teeth are level and straight. It was pain free, fast, and effective. She is very careful with all the tools in your mouth, she is really nice, and she helps you with any questions and instructions you need.”-Anonymous

Anonymous_bbbbb.jpg Anonymous_aaaaa.jpg

Anonymous_bbbbb1.jpg Anonymous_aaaaa1.jpg

“Teeth are nice and straight!. A long process, but my treatment there was fine, people who worked here are very friendly. Dr. Chun knew what she was doing and wanted me to have as perfect teeth as possible, even if it meat waiting a little longer.”-J.N.

Spaces were opened for bonding.

J_N_b.jpg J_N_a.jpg

J_N_b1.jpg J_N_a1.jpg

“Pleasant experience, I feel assured and comfortable. I normally have anxiety when visiting dentists/orthodontists, but if is not the case here. In my brief appointments with Dr. Chun, she has been very knowledgeable and open about what is going on in my treatment. She doesn’t rush procedure and works with attention to extreme detail.”-Kevin S.

Kevin_b.jpg Kevin_a.jpg

Kevin_b1.jpg Kevin_a1.jpg

“Long process but worth it, everyone is very knowledgeable, nice, and encouraging. The people are very nice. The braces hurt but it will be done fast. They actually know what they are doing. Dr. Chun is extremely nice. She gives explanations very well also is very simple to understand.”-A.F.

A_F_b.jpg A_F_a.jpg

A_F_b1.jpg A_F_a1.jpg

“I look a lot better than before. It was a warm, welcoming feel whenever I had an appointment. Keep doing what you’re going.”-Brandon S.

“I believe my experience is fine in my opinion. I would say orthodontics here is great and trustworthy. Thank you for helping me with my teeth and my mouth making it as is right now.”-G.C.

G_C_b.jpg G_C_a.jpg

“There is no need to improve!!! Excellent and a great place to be. It was a smooth and fun experience I felt like family in every way. Dr. Chun you rock!!! There is not enough words to describe how grateful I am but thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now, I can smile big without hesitation.”-Toni

Toni_b.jpg Toni_a.jpg

Toni_b1.jpg Toni_a1.jpg

“Great service! Love you guys! Keep up the excellent work. Very knowledgeable! Personable and Caring.”-Carley (PHASE I)

Carley_b.jpg Carley_a.jpg

Carley_b1.jpg Carley_a1.jpg

“You did a wonderful job on my teeth. The amount of patience shown to clients is great. If is very friendly and a fun environment. Thank you for helping me look and feel better when I smile!”-Ashley I.

Ashley_b.jpg Ashley_a.jpg

Ashley_b1.jpg Ashley_a1.jpg

“It is a convenient, friendly and customer oriented staff and great results. Dr. Chun was extremely accommodating and knowledgeable. She always made me feel welcome and comfortable.”Sarah L.

Sarah_b.jpg Sarah_a.jpg

Sarah_b1.jpg Sarah_a1.jpg

“No crooked teeth! I would describe my experience long but worthy. Dr. Chun is funny, able to get work done, likes food. She is short.”-Sav. K

Sav_b.jpg Sav_a.jpg

Sav_b1.jpg Sav_a1.jpg

“My teeth look so much better. It was a fun experience. Everyone is so nice. She is very good at what she does and she really cares about her customers-Nisha Levels

Levels_b.jpg Levels_a.jpg

Levels_b1.jpg Levels_a1.jpg

April 2016

“Everything was fine and a great experience. Before I had really bad teeth now they look really good. My experience was wonderful and awesome. Dr. Chun was really good the whole experience with my braces.”-India D.

India_b.jpg India_a.jpg

India_b1.jpg India_a1.jpg

“Everything was fine. I see a really big difference in the way my teeth were when I first started my treatment here. I am very pleased with my teeth. My experience was very good because all of the good friendly people that work here. Dr. Chun was very nice and was always there to check that everything was good.”-Anonymous

Anonymous_bbbb.jpg Anonymous_aaaa.jpg

Anonymous_bbbb1.jpg Anonymous_aaaa1.jpg

“It was good years (Phase I and Phase II). I got treated right and at the end my teeth look nice, white, and straight. Nice doctor. She helped me through the whole braces experience.”-Hannah V.

Hannah_b.jpg Hannah_a.jpg

Hannah_b1.jpg Hannah_a1.jpg

“It will help out with your teeth problem and can explain the problem and help you solve it. Good.”-Wil

Wil_b1.jpg Wil_a1.jpg

“I got my braces off sooner than my original dates. I really liked the ladies that I encountered. They were always nice and kind to me. They are easy to talk to. I like Dr. Chun! Her attitude towards her patients is always so positive. She gives off a great vibe when patients are in pain. “-Anonymous

Patient will have lateral incisors built up.

Anonymous1_b.jpg Anonymous1_a.jpg

Pleasant experience. Fun environment. All the workers are really nice and I can trust them with my teeth! Dr. Chun is really nice, and very gentle when she worked on my teeth. Also she is very patient.”-Anonymous

Anonymous2_b.jpg Anonymous2_a.jpg

“It was great, my teeth look good. Dr. Chun is great and a happy person.”-P.D.